Wednesday, October 1, 2014


1 habit of jumping to conclusions.
Very often we think that we already know in advance what will happen and how, and begin to act in accordance with their misconceptions about the future. In fact, life loves to throw up such surprises, which is even hard to imagine, so do not rely on your jump to conclusions.
Also mistakenly think that we know the causes of people's actions and their subsequent actions. This is absolutely wrong, and very often leads to conflicts and misunderstandings in relationships.
Habit 2 dramatize events.
Should not exaggerate minor setbacks upset over little things. When this behavior occurs we have an alarm that does not give to be successful in life.
3 Habit create stereotypes and labels.
When we try to once and for all to define the essence of things, we can very much mistaken. In fact, everything in the world is much more interesting than it might seem at first glance, so do not try to drive all within certain limits.
4 Habit share all "black and white".
In fact, in a color palette of life, there are thousands of options, and the desire to get "all or nothing" leads to the fact that we simply do not notice. There is no perfect job, friends, relations. Great art - be glad that you have.
Habit 5 generalize.
Often we try to find the trend in a series of our successes and failures. In fact, several repeat the situation still nothing show. Treat each event as a self-worth.
6 habit of taking everything to heart.
Do not worry because of the bad news on TV, stories about the diseases your neighbor or the failure that befell your colleague. Sympathy, help, but do not worry because other people's problems.
7 Habit trust surging emotions.
Your feelings show your subjective perception of the world, which is not always true.
8 wont be apathetic.
To be successful, you have to be an optimist. Wait, look for and believe in the good - and you'll get it! People with a negative attitude often do not even notice the opportunities that could bring them good luck.
9 The habit of doing everything by the rules.
Often we ourselves set itself certain limits, which do not bring nothing but difficulties and nervousness. Should not create unnecessary obstacles where there are none.
10 The habit of digging up the past.
Much better to leave the past alone, forgive all the offenses themselves and others, and with a pure heart to live. It is not necessary to keep the heart of past failures and disappointments. Live on, believing in luck and hoping for the best.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


How to become slim with words ...

One of these techniques - very simple, but very effective - technique called affirmations (from the English word affirmation - approval). 
Affirmations - are positive about it-approval, by which we can actively work on themselves. You probably have met people who eat everything and at any time, and do not recover at all - that they have a metabolism. At the same time, knowing that their waist is not in danger, they are confident and do not worry because each piece eaten. And here at those whose figure is reflected every extra patty, the process is reversed - they always remember this "extra patty" to suffer because of it, and thereby give your metabolism unconscious instructions to gain weight started to use them, do not count on instant results - perhaps it will be only a week or two. And do not be surprised if you find that you have become quite different. You do not need to use all - select 4-6 most appropriate from your point of view. Listen to your intuition: which of these are related to your problems, and therefore, will be effective for you.affirmations for weight loss: 1. My body is subject to the instructions of my mind. 2. All that I eat, leads to health and beauty. 3. I'm losing weight and I gain beauty. 4. I love my body, and the more I love it, the more beautiful it becomes. 5. My body automatically recycles everything I eat so as to reach my ideal weight (here you need to insert a number of which you want to.) 6. All the food is good for me, and I eat for pleasure. 7. I eat only when totally get pleasure from food. 8. I am satisfied with myself, regardless of whether I eat or not. 9. Surrounding people love me regardless of whether I eat or not. 10. I deserve the pleasure that I get from food. 11. The food itself does not affect the weight - the instructions that I give control of my results. 12. I have plenty of time to enjoy the process of eating. 13. My inner mind is always doing the right things to reach my ideal weight (enter the desired number). 14. I have the right to change the settings of my parents associated with eating. 15. My metabolism meets my new regulations. 16. What a pleasure, no longer causes unpleasant consequences. 17. The greater the satisfaction I experience, the less I worry about the void. 18. I deserve love, and I was doing well, regardless of whether I eat or not. As you can see, affirmations are very different. Do not use the ones that do not like or do not have to do with you. Let your list will be small. So, phrases selected. Now write them on a separate sheet. Have to say that the authors of the book offer to write every day "magic words" 20 times - apparently in order that they "dug into the subcortex," as well as to you they really believe. But it is not necessary. receive news site

Saturday, September 27, 2014


How do you motivate yourself?

1 The reason is no more powerful source of motivation than a cause that you really care. This reason will inspire you, even when you come face to face with difficulties. It will help you realize that while it seems impossible. Some reasons may be your only temporary inspiration.But if the cause really serious, you can refer to it whenever you feel the need for a new dose of motivation.

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2 Dream "easiest feasible those dreams in which no doubt." A. Dumas. Your cause is a powerful source of motivation, but it is an abstract form. Dream has a more concrete shape. It should be realistic, but rather difficult task that will take you out of your comfort zone.Imagine what would you like to see your life in the future. Having a dream is very important because you will be hard to motivate yourself while you will not see clearly the goal. Think of basketball. What will the players, if the site is not a basketball basket? They will simply be pointless running around in circles, wasting their time and energy for nothing. Every man needs a purpose. Let the achievement of your dreams will be for you your basketball hoop to which you seek, no matter what the obstacles. 3. Thirst "Just wish is not enough. You must crave. Your motivation must be persuasive, the only way you can overcome the obstacles that will inevitably come your way." Les Brown. To be truly motivated, you have to have not just a desire, and thirst. Average desire can not be enough for you a strong incentive in difficult times. Often, it is a thirst for achievement helps people to overcome all obstacles. If you have a dream and a good reason for it to achieve it, you can not be a thirst inside.

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4.Sorevnovanie with yourself "I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself." Mikhail Baryshnikov. comparing yourself to others can lead you to demotivation. Even if you start your way to a dream full of enthusiasm, constant comparison of your success with other people quickly deprive you of pep and energy. Do not let this happen.Remember, life, relationships and the work of each person individually. They can not be compared. Competing with another person, you look just as stupid and pointless as a runner or swimmer competes with soccer competitor with a cyclist. The only competitor, you should aim to get around - is you. Try every time surpass himself.

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5 One More Step "Success is not final, failure is not fatal, the courage to continue - that's what matters." Winston Churchill. often confronted with obstacles, one begins to think that his dream is unattainable, that the path to it is too difficult. Many become discouraged and give up before reaching the target. It is in such situations and manifest characteristics that distinguish winners from losers. The winner, stumbled to find the courage to continue the difficult path to his dream. In complex situations, do not think about how to turn back, do not think about how many many more obstacles waiting for you ahead. Concentrate all your thoughts on your next step. 6. Release the past "to end the day, forget about it. Everything you could, you did." Waldo Emerson Believe it or not, but one of the best demotivators - is your past. It is a heavy burden on your shoulders, making it difficult to move forward.

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